In a bid to twist the game further this year, Big brother has decided to bring the most controversial Youtube celebrity in the world Brad The Lad long.

Brad The Lad long will spice things up in the big brother house.

Brad The Lad long will spice things up in the big brother house.

Viewers have recently complained that Big Brother Africa has started to become dull so producers have decided to spice things up by bringing in a Celebrity to anger the housemates. Controversial Youtube star, BradTheLadLong who recently tweeted that he’s ‘finally landed’ is set to enter Big Brother Africa next week to completely turn the house upside down.

It’s believed that there will be a royalty theme for the week which will see Brad walking in the house with a crown and being able to make the houseguests do whatever he asks.

Not only this but Brad will have his own private room that only he can enter and secretly he will be able to watch his fellow housemates on a TV screen. This could be detrimental because the second a housemate complains about Brad, he will know and be able to use that information in whatever way he likes.

On Brad’s last day, producers have planned a massive twist which will shock not only the housemates but also the viewers. Just as the internet star is about to leave he will make a decision which housemate he would like to remove from the process and they will have to walk out the back door with him without any proper eviction.

It is believed that extra security have been called in for the event in case things get violent because something this controversial has never been done before.

This is a risky move by the producers as Brad could completely take out one of the favourites. He would have been watching the show so far and know who are the potential winners and he could completely spice things up by taking them out! Brad arrived South Africa on Sunday and has been watching the show in a hotel room. So expect Drama and Twists this coming Sunday.

A lot of fans are outraged by this decision as they feel there is too much interaction with the outside world but it will be a ratings success for sure. See Brad tweets below:

@BradTheLadLong : Finally Landed, the. Longest plane journey in my life. Just want things to get started now and make things interesting. ‪#‎nervous‬
16 November 2014: 17:32

@BradTheLadLong: its on like donkey kong, time to switch some games up. Watch out for me y’all.
21 November 2014: 22:49pm.

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