Yes! In Uganda, every body for himself and God for us all. The only person that may care about you is either your close family or very close friend. Not even the government gives a rats A**. In state house, an employee earns about 96 Million shillings, and he/she is supposed to care about the very poor Ugandan, yeah right! In parliament, the only matters that are discussed in depth are those that do not benefit a country that will probably be forever 3rd world. Or 4th if that ever existed.
And the poor Ugandans can’t seem to stop calling on the government to help them. {Gavumenti etuyambe} Wish they knew how much no one up there actually cares.
The aid from developed countries is always embezzled by the very rich government officials.
In 2012, the OPM scandal which was one of the most covered stories that year opened every one’s eyes to the greed of some hopefully not all government officials. Our mouths fell open as we read the figures meant for the people affected by the war in Northern Uganda but had been chewed by wait for it, government official!


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