Sam Kutesa, 65, is the new president of the UN general Assembly! Kutesa was Africa’s unanimous pick for the role at the UN headquarters in New York. This news has come a midst protest form the West. on 04/30/2014, Huffington post published a story with an alarming headline, “Why Uganda’s Sam Kutesa Must Not Be Allowed to Become UN General Assembly President”. This publication was directly a demand from John Kerry who is the current United States Secretary of State to block Sam Kuteesa from becoming the UN general Assebly president.

Kutesa is a lawyer and Member of the Ugandan parliament. He has been Ugandan minister of foreign affairs since January 2005

In February this year, the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni ascended to the anti-homosexuality bill leading the West into a serious Frenzy with petitions to blacklist Uganda from the rest of the world. Several members of the west rallied to block Kutesa’s raise to the UN throne.

Numerous petitions were also put on several Social media platforms to block what now is an inevitable. Despite all these attempts, the whole of Africa rallied behind Kuteesa and indeed he became the president of the UN general Assembly. More than 9,000 people signed a petition urging UN states to block Kuteesa. A US senator also said it would be “disturbing” if he took the role.

In his acceptance speech yesterday, Mr Kutesa said his unanimous election was a sign of trust and confidence in him and a recognition of Uganda’s contributions.


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