What you didn’t know about NTV’s BE my date.


A few weeks ago, NTV, the biggest TV station in Uganda introduced anew show onto its program, Be my date, running on Sundays at 8:00 pm. This show is about finding love on Live Television!

However, not everything is as you see it, No one on the show actually finds love, they are a bunch of models pausing as young girls and boys looking for love for the sake of our “entertainment” or not!

The show’s first episode took social media into a frenzy as viewers attacked NTV for airing such a crappy show. Some of these individuals who are apparently looking for love do not even use their real names. There are also reports from within the models or the girls looking for love, that even the things they go shopping for during their dates are taken back (lol) .

Social Media Fans reactions. 

After viewing the first episode of be my date, the fans took to social media to complain. These are some of their posts.

From Facebook 

I once said some programs are not worth their salt! The much hullaballo abt ‪#‎BeMyDate‬ will prove me right! How the hell on earth do you expect us to watch such crap! I am a Patriot yes and can tell wat is good and bad!‪#‎ToHellWithCopyCats‬! Tuli bakoowu!

Dear ‪#‎NtvUganda‬, Kindly go to MUK and look for better looking,lonely and idle Girls for the ‪#‎BeMyDate‬ show and do away with those speke road single mothers a.s.a.p

Comeon NTV, u cant replace the 4th Estate with this rubbish of‪#‎BeMyDate‬ where gals are looking for tall guys, lyk Juba is so far…..


If there is anyone at NTV worth the name programs manager

I deserve an apology from him or her
how on earth do u get a crap show ‪#‎BeMyDate‬ and fix it btn the News and 4th Estate?
that’s an insult to my Sony Bravia


Ya mawe…. “: is the true outcome of UPE! Free education with no direction!”

Wherever these chics on came from, they must typical Basoga from Kaliro.

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