Iryn Ntale in Gyobela

Mary Luswata, during her Sqoop on Sqoop show on Urban television said, “Rachel. K and Iryn Ntale have two things in common, they both have terrible taste in shoes!”

A few days back, Iryn released a brand new video for her song Gyobela, where she proved the point that Mary Luswata was trying to make.

The audio is undeniably awesome, seeing that Iryn is an amazing vocalist. However,the song-bird undoubtedly needs two things; a designer and a choreographer.

The poker doted pencil blouse, and the over size stripped skirt did not flatter her at all. To make matters worse, she kept swinging in it like a mad person. The make up was too bad, it turned her into an un-pretty girl, and the hair too. It looks like she did it herself.

Oh! and do not get me started on the shoes!!! What in Jesus’s name was she thinking? where did she pick these ‘things’ from anyway?


The blue dress, oh the blue dress. It looked like a 7.000 sh second hand dress from down Town Kampala. Did it flatter her? -yes, Could she do better?- hell yes!

The video choreography generally left a lot to be desired. Iryn kept doing signs for every word she was singing. Seriously, this is primary school level performance. The lighting in the video was okay, the concept was not bad but her performance as an artist was plainly pathetic. She’s a star, she’s beautiful, she can really sing and we deserve better from her!!

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