Scandal season’s finale tonite


Scandal season 3 is epic, but its finale is going to be even more epic, well at least basing on  what the cast members are saying.  Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) father, Rowan (Joe Morton), is clinging to life. A bomb rapidly ticks off precious seconds underneath a church where dignitaries including the vice president  and presidential candidate Sally Langston (Kate Burton), her adviser, Leo (Paul Adelstein), and the president’s running mate Andrew (Jon Tenney), are gathered at a funeral for a senator that Olivia’s mother Marie Wallace (Khandi Alexander) killed in a bid to take President Fitzgerald Grant’s (Tony Goldwyn) life.


Terrorist Adnan Salif (Nazanin Boniadi) is holding Harrison (Columbus Short) at gunpoint as the rest of the Gladiators from Olivia Pope & Associates team with B613 Command Jake (Scott Foley) in their race to not only find Marie but disarm the bomb. How dangerous could the finale be? Will Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) secret about Big Jerry ever come out? 

In an interview with the Holly wood Reporter, Kerry Washington who stars as Olivia Pope said,

“One of the craziest things about this season’s finale is that you’d think at this point it would be impossible to shock us as a cast anymore, but we were floored after this table read. It gets crazier and crazier in the most wonderful way.”


And in case your wondering why this season is short, the ABC network reduced the season to 18 episodes in order to allow, Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) time for maternity leave, since you know……She’s pregnant!!

Watch the season’s three finale promo below

If you are in Uganda and have no idea about how to watch scandal episodes as they happen, just follow the lnks below and you will be hooked

Scandal Season 3 Episode 17

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