Hello All

Its Easter again!!! Comes once a year so if you are say 33 years old, (which by the way is the age Jesus Christ died), then you have been blessed enough by God to have seen 33 Easters. Throw in Christmas celebrations and we realize that we have celebrated Christ so many times “in our own way though”.

Sadly,the message of Easter is lost on a huge number of Christians and Neutrals as the case may be. Easter symbolizes  the death of Christ, his struggle for our spiritual freedom and most importantly, his resurrection. Easter should be a season of sober reflections and corrective actions. we honor God, the Son and the Holy spirit whenever a soul is won for Christ be it ours or others. Yet, We have been brainwashed by the media to do the very things that hurt Christ the most and make a mockery of his death, sacrifice, struggles and resurrection (Me Inclusive).

This Easter, there will be lots of Sex, Booze, Weed, Drugs, Partying, Robberies; The Syrian, Ukrainian, Boko Haram, Sudanese, Egyptian Uprisings and Wars won’t halt. The historical wickedness of Man to Man won’t reduce and confirmation of the saying in the bible that “the heart of man is desperately wicked” will be highly manifested.

As we are ushered into another Easter, we will as we are conditioned to, partake in unrighteous activities, I hope the Thief doesn’t come this Night.

Gentlemen and Ladies; Please Pace Yourselves.


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