Diggy Says So

Diggy Says So

I have and will always be amused by Arsenal Fans, Many of whom became fans between the late nineties and the new millennium hence, naivety and immaturity is characteristic of their support.
Arsene “The Boss” lifted that club from a mid table team to a Strong Contender, then League Winners, double Winners, gave the Club World wide coverage (Many fans have only known one coach – Arsene), Global Image, A 60,000 capacity, World Class Stadium and most of all A wonderful football Philosophy. Yet, fans berate this renowned coach, insult the creator of this Football Brand and ask for his head at the slightest draw or god forbid a loss at the hands of any team regardless of the circumstance within which they lost.

The best man to lead the club still, Is Arsene, the Football Philosophy he lives by which connotes spending from what you earn like every business is supposed to thereby not jeopardizing the future of the club and the going concern nature of this institution is highly commendable and should be a model and example for clubs bankrolled by suspicious funds.

For once, Let Fans let Good morals Prevail, in the real world of Business, Money isn’t as free as Air. Success Comes at a price, there is no short cut. Arsene “The Magnificent” So Principled So Pure,

One Day, They Will Believe


Diggy Says So

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