Choose what you wear to the office carefully

Your whole personality plays a great role in your professional success.  The way you dress up and go to your workplace contributes a lot to this personality. It is therefore important that you choose your office wear wisely.

The question we are answering today is  how should  your office wear be?




Most if the time if you are having second thoughts about your office attire, its possible that its not right for you. Clothes that work well for the beach, bar or housework are definitely not appropriate for your professional image.




These are some of the things that shouldn’t be part of your office attire

Low cut tops
Say no to low cut or deep necked tops or dresses. Dresses or blouses that flaunt off excess cleavage will be very embarrassing for you. If you must, please attach a scarf and probably a blazer or top to appear stylish but professional.

Tops that are see-through are a complete no-no as an office wear. These may distract your male coworkers and leave you feeling both uncomfortable and under confident.

Flip flops Shoes

Flip Flops are too casual for office wear. Avoid them completely unless it is raining. Instead, try comfortable pumps,ballerinas, or kitten heels.

Try to avoid “sexy” shoes. Three-inch stiletto heels may look attractive on a date, but they do not belong in the office.

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