Slimming pills pose damaging side effects to Health


When Robinah Nakibule’s boyfriend started complaining about her coarsening weight, it became clear to her that she needed to lose weight, and very fast. She purchased magic slimming pills from a near by supermarket. Little did she know of the dire effects this posed to her health. Three days into  using the pills. Robinah started  suffering from mouth sores,  dry lips, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness and general body weakness. 

“I became really weak after using magic slim, i couldn’t even go for work or do anything for that matter,” said Robinah

According to, an online pharmaceutical encyclopedia, not all slimming pills are bad, however, many of them especially those that are not prescribed tend to have adverse effects.

Dr.Vincent Karuhanga, in an interview with The Observer said,  “Most of those pills un-prescribed, usually Chinese slimming products work by making people sick.They also suppress appetite”. 

These pills have also been seen to  trigger diarrhea in people that use them which leads to loss of nutrients from the body.

“I was advised by a friend to use china green tea to cut down on my weight. when i used it, i started having serious diarrhea which weakened my body” said Evelyn Nabuuma



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 Desire to impress men

The desire by women to be slim has been accelerated by pressure from men and the media.

“I cannot go out with a fat woman,” said Josh Sseku, a business man in Kampala.

Such statements from men make fat women less proud of their bodies forcing them to use the fastest way to slim.


Media effect

Also, the media especially  movies tend to associate slenderness with happiness, success, youth, and social acceptability. Being over weight on the other hand  is associated with laziness, lack of willpower, being out of control, and unattractiveness. All of which are not necessarily true.

Such stereotypes have pushed overweight women too far forcing them to take the fastest way out of their ordeal.

How to slim safely

Certainly, the desire by women to be slim is not about to go away. It is therefore important to find ways of taking care of your body weight but safely.

One can choose to stick to the traditional ways of cutting weight by following a simple routine below recommended by nutritionists.

1. Eat  balanced meals at least three times a day starting from breakfast. Try to however cut down on foods with a lot of calories.

2. Drink enough water, At least 4 liters a day and even more if its a hot day.

3. Eat fruits with meals and only fruits between meals.

4.Avoid eating at a fast pace. Try to eat slowly, also do not too much food, but enough.

5.Have enough sleep. A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who slept less than five hours per night were 32% more likely to gain weight  than women who sleep seven hours.

6. Do body exercises.

However, if you cannot suppress your urge to lose weight fast and feel like the only way possible is using slimming pills, make sure you used the ones that are prescribed by a medical personnel to avoid the adverse side effects and abuse.



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